Album Review : Hail Mogambo[2014] ; Artist : Scribe

Three years in the making of the 3rd album and ultimately, the wait was worth it. Released on the 26th of September, 2014. The amount of fun I had listening to this album is a thing that metal has not provided me in the longest time.


Track 1 ‘Hail’ is an electronic intro where all the aromas and vibes around can be calmly imbibed and the gradual growth of tension, definitely Akshay’s baby. Track 2 ‘Calendar Khana Lao’ is just fuck yeah from the moment it starts, the star of the album. Such rich and clear 7 string tones are not an everyday luxury we come across and those synth overlays add subtle character rounding all the jagged edges. Track 3 ‘Cops Cops (Cops Cops)’ is supremely tight and bloody confusing for headbangers, cause if you try to move your head to the beat your most likely to be saying no-no-yes-yes-yes which is not following the actual timing obviously. Vishwesh has yet again learnt new tricks and this is certainly Pra’s baby. Track 4 ‘Groove Narmada’ is where Akshay steps in to take the power back, the effect of the vocal harmonies to me is as though there is one track recorded steadily with vocals at a constant octave and the harmony is to a low tempo LFO. Track 5 ‘Return Of Oberoi’ is the most all rounded track of the entire album where you can hear everyone’s trademark skills well brewed in a cauldron but the thing that is dearest to me in this song is Vaas’s bass tone and the pellucidity with which it’s played doesn’t sound like a typical Fender Jazz bass but can’t be anything but it. Track 6 ‘Ha Ha! We Are Poor’ yells out to be an intro track for a live setup, it’s the whole package you can imagine the smoke, a light on Akshay, Viru waiting at the drums, enter Pra and Vaas and then of course Vishwesh has gotta come running on stage. Getting back to song like I mentioned about one of the previous track everyone has done what they do best but just made it more personal, more prominent. Track 7 ‘Tomato Aryabhatta’ is another metal track till it goes into swing mode when your shoulders take over to the groove and you point your fingers and wave them around. Track 8 ‘Captain Raj’ is Scribe back to their roots except for Viswesh on vocals who almost has a fit in the middle of the song which is pretty killer, also being the dance worthy song on the album. Track 9 ‘Jugal’ is a concoction of bursts of positive jumpy energy and intentional gloomy vibes with some pretty serious synths, regal bass tone and a badass drum mix. Track 10 ‘ Myothershirt’ I love for the usage of 9ths, don’t hear those chords used like that often anymore and the drums here are an exhibition of the remarkable discipline Viru has as a drummer for such versatility. Track 11 ‘Black Diamond’ is a track I’m having a tough time to describe but there’s this grin on my face which it brings about that I can’t explain. Track 12 ‘Fumanchurian’ has this brief fun intro that would be used in C grade porn of the 80’s until it comes to the music where someone has worked really hard with limiters and compressors, accomplishing such pristine old school groove and incorporating it in this niche is as difficult to accomplish as easy as it sounds.’ Le Coupe France De Hair’ is the outro, just something to calm down from all that adrenaline.


Scribe has crossed a lot of nautical miles as far as acquired skills, musical maturity, quality and what each individual member brings to the table. Gagan adding to vocals have added a powerful dimesion to the sound as well. Commendable job.


Album Review : Mark Of Teja ; Artist : Scribe ; Genre : Hardcore/Experimental/Post-Hardcore/Metal

A review almost two years late.
A necessity for all metal heads with a taste for something fresh. First track “The Seed” is an ambient instrumental intro to the album which is meant to brace yourself for whats lying ahead. “RSVP” a heart pounding piece of stacatto into living musicmanship. “I Love you, Pav Bhaji” the masterpiece of the album with transitions which are unpredicatable, this song has to be loved if its not for the originality, then the vocals, if not the vocals, then the name has to catch your attention positively. You can’t take a song seriously when its got such a name but with this one its the flipside to it. “Street Archana vs Vice Varsha” with dominating drum beats and bass, hats off to Viru, Vaas and Vishwesh being in the seat of the driving instructor. “M-power” is a powerhouse of the song, it reeks of red bull all over it. The groove in ” Dum hai toh aage aah!” can make me dance to an extent , a rare trait in any form of metal obviously because of the use of so much gain but they nailed it.”Heidi” a beautiful, soft, gentle, caressing sweet dream of a breather to get your head back in line. The title track “Mark of Teja” clearly shows a mix of avant-garde and djent galvanized with more than hints of Andaaz Apna Apna in it. Surprisingly “Demonpra” being the track which I personally love singing along to the most though it is not possible and gets terribly confusing and there is no steady pattern to headbang to it, which adds to its brilliance, good job Pra.”1234 Dracula” haha what an intro and both Prashant and Akshay have very distinct roles to play which work this track like Makhan, Vishwesh baap of voices takes it to another strata in vocal triumphs.”Don’t Say” most aptly named being audio modulated craftsmenship and nothing less.”Judge Bread” a beauty of a conundrum of variations not transitions in an overall sense.”M-pyre” being an outro having an array of electronic sounds and drums on a nice smooth delay. An album not to miss out on, it brings out life
in daily mundane nonsense.