Be, I want to be the one.
Tonight, I’m a shine like the sun.
Dream of an open fantasy.
See My point of view.

Briskly Calculated
Intoxication Risk
Dismal Concern
Left To Burn



When you choose what you want to do
The way you want to do it
Circumstances are what you want to make of them



The Elixir Of Life

Rum my baby
Don’t ever leave me
Without You
I am incomplete

My first and last
You Are The

Mcdowells my only option for now
Hopefully for long you shall not

MONK i miss your sweet taste
Smoothly sliding down
The smirk you bring to my face

Morgan, Captain Morgan
At the top of the line
If I were Superman and you Kryptonite
Would you still be my wife


Prayers for deliverance locking us in
Life is to be celebrated
not escaped
Even in time of need

For every incident holds within an experience
which one shall only understand once undergone

And help in later time
where the solution might just be fromĀ a past experience
after all

Just a laugh away from you


predictions of her past
lead her to discover
she was going into another
galaxy of pain
that would strain and drain
all thats left in her
driving her insane

All hope is gone
disdain from society
as vivid as hallucinations
struggling to hold on to her sobriety

picking up the pieces
that she dropped in the mire
Lost in confusion
mentally paralysed
feeling like a vegetable
and used like a tool

Controlled by the master
entangled in a web
losing grip and then she fell again
fell into the darkness