The Wait For “Pale Communion” Is On


It has been about 3 years since this blog began. The first post was an Opeth album review of “Watershed” and here’s another one after three years of ‘Cusp Of Eternity’ , the lead track of Pale Communion. It’s gold. It’s pushing the envelope, taking it to the next level and not the way Kanye West says it. Like a surprising explosion of flavors in your mouth. Hints of old signature techniques revisited, rekindled and recreated. The slow triplets which are tough and not so tough to notice and such glorious panning and hypnagogic synths underlayed. Not to miss them bliblical screams of swells. Plus triple vocal harmonies. Hot, juicy and crispy transcendent drum mix .

I can already imagine hordes of haters, but haters are gonna be haters. Hear the shift from being Metal Gods to Rockstars. And so the wait for the long awaited ‘Pale Communion’ continues.



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