Album Review : Unstoppable Momentum[2013] ; Artist : Joe Satriani

unstoppable momentumJoe Satriani , one of the gods of instrumental rock guitarist has released his 14th solo album to his credit with Mike Keneally on Keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta on Drums, Chris Chaney on Bass and Mike Fraser for engineering and production.

Unfortunately in my opinion Satch is using his old formula in the wrong period of time of music. He has skill, technique, charisma, tone that can never be taken away from him, but it’s like a set of state of the art high carbon steel cog wheels without any thrill left in their running. He understands symmetry really well but doesn’t play with it to his advantage.


I miss Satriani’s old days when he had that edge, that punch like in ‘Crystal Planet’ and ‘Surfing With The Alien’ for starters. This is more like a set of good jam tracks.

There is one track which I genuinely enjoy in this album , it’s called “Jumpin’ Out” which is a quasi dark 80’s disco relic. No other track seemed to catch my attention .


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