Album Review : House of Gold & Bones Part 1[2012] ;Artist : Stone Sour

Stone Sour have done a pretty good job with their new album. Its not a metal album. Its rock to post rock extravanganza. Rachel Bolan has fit like a glove replacing Shawn Economaki on bass. House of Gold & Bones Part 1 is the first part of a double concept album.The solos are observed and unobserved in parts due to Josh Rand and Jim Root’s tonal and speed excellence. Corey Taylor kills it as always. Joel Ekman does a
super job of semi technical rock drums with a good Shannon Larkin vibe.

First track “Gone Sovereign” has a nice build up of energy through the track, very charged. Track two “Absolute Zero” is road rage exhibition with a 68′ Camaro.Track three “A Rumour Of Skin” has some old time Gn’R riffage touched with Skid Row .”The Travelers, Pt 1″ is a simple acoustic orchestrated track a rich mild toned guitar to back it up.”Tired” is a track I feel I have heard before but can’t put my finger on which one backed with a string section with some pentatonic
licks. “RU486″ is pumped with adrenaline and closest to their old sound we’re all used to, unsual speed packed solo.”My Name Is Allen” has the same sound sound as the rest of the album but eclectic guitar layering in parts makes it enthralling confoundment.”Taciturn” is the expostion where an acoustic guitar and voice fill up the air and leave the required empty frequencies to imagination and gradually let a perfect gain enter and some effects worthy of raising an eyebrow take a guitar solo. “Influence Of A Drowsy God” is decorous complementing of pulsation and delay to prelude with, its a song which is like jumps between songs within a song but they pulled it off.”The Travelers, Pt 2″ is downright down tempo Maiden along with piano and vocal interludes.”Last Of The Real” starts with slow pounding bass and a drag of a song after hearing the whole album.

KEEPING Stone Sour in mind I had some major expectations when i heard this album. They used every tried and tested trick in the Rock 101 book. This reminds me a lot of Marilyn Manson’s albums during the John 5 era where all the artists are holding back on their skill to make “songs”. Stone Sour means power, rage, skill, speed, feel when intended,surprise and the ‘oh fuck they actually pulled that off moments’ which did not happen this time.


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