Album Review : At The Gate Of Sethu[2012] ; Artist : Nile

American Death Metal giants Nile released their seventh studio album released on June 29, 2012 have incarnated mind blowing metal for the heavy hearted. This album features some gorgeous display of technique. Maintaining their theme based on Ancient Egyptian mysticism and history.

Capturing some brilliant oriental – Egyptian tracking, bone crushing riffing, spine shattering drums and bass shackled to your ankles. Karl Sander’s and Dallas Toler-Wade’s mammoth guitar and vocal skills are exceptional in power and variation. George Kollias can make his drums sound like a very fast sewing machine if you have ever carefully enough listened to one, which is quite a marvel. Technical perfection to a scary level. Almost untouchable as far as creativity and gripping attention is considered. Every edge and corner of every track has been seamlessly engineered. With Nile its never a question of standard of the album, they aren’t made for any room for error.

An undoubtedly exceptional aspect of Nile’s music and production is that they cannot be expected to improve or take their sound to greater heigths. There was never and will never be a no.2 to Nile, they do what they do and they come out supreme. Period.


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